In each factions Base are several buildings , which offer you a great number of benefits.The most important Buildings are the Headquarter and the Temple , so it would be beneficial if you prevent their destruction. Each faction got following buildings :


You can buy artefact items or combine several items to much more effective items. Since LOCO Evolution you cant buy items out of the Base . The Store is the only building which cant get destroyed.


Left : Force of Nature Mid : Army of Purgatorium Right : Legion of Heaven

Training CampEdit

The Training Camp is an upgradeable building. It is used to increase the attack and Max HP of the players hero.It has 3 upgrade stages:

First stage costs 500 gold and gives 10% increase to attack and Max HP.

The second stage need 700 gold and gives 20% increase to attack and Max HP.

The third and last stage needs 1000 gold and gives 30% increase to attack and Max HP.

Each player has to upgrade his own Training Camp ! ( Feature of LOCO Evolution)

Tc A.o.P.

Tc2 F.o.N.

Tc3 L.o.H.

Recall SpotEdit

Recall Spot can be upgraded once to reduce the CoolDown of your own respawn. It has to be upgraded by each player of the team. It costs 1000 gold to upgrade and can be destroyed by the enemy team. When Recall Spot is destroyed, cooldown of your respawn get hardly increased.

Rc2 A.o.P. Rc3 F.o.N.

Rc L.o.H.

Base PointEdit

Base Points are structures that spawn waves of creeps. Base Points are immune to most skills and are able to attack you with ranged attacks. When all Base Points on one faction are destroyed a team can proceed to attack the main camp buildings such as the Recall Spot and Training Camp.

After 20 minutes has passed since gamestart, you can create Giant Weapons from the base point, if it has not been destroyed by then.

Bp3 A.o.P.


Bp L.o.H.


Temples are an optional structure to destroy, with higher health than the HQ it's a difficult target to take down.

When you are stood close to the Temple you will recover HP and MP very fast.


Left : Nature Mid : Purgatory Right : Heaven


Towers are the first 'structure' to be destroyed in a Forest of Chaos or Burning Tower match, in Crimson Plains, they are the 2nd structures eliminated.
Towers are invulnerable to a great number of skills and are the weakest structure in the game.


Left : Nature Mid : Purgatory Right : Heaven


The headquarters is the final building to be destroyed in a Battlefield match, this can only be destroyed after the Recall Point and Training Camp have been destroyed.

Destroying the Headquarters nets you more than 5000 minerals.

Upon destruction the Commander will be released.


Left : Forest Mid : Purgatory Right : Heaven

The HQ Concept Art of the Legion of Heaven and the ingame HQ arent equal