Crimson Plains In-Game Map

Crimson Plains is a small map and requires teamwork and grouping to win. The mineral points are located at the North and South points of the map, you can also capture the points in the middle to trigger the battleship which will attack base points.

Your 1st targets are the Base Points, your 2nd targets are the Battle Commanders, your 3rd targets are the Towers, your 4th targets are the Guardians, your 5th targets are structures, your 6th target is the HQ, your final target is the Commander.


Tactic One: Full Control, capture all points as fast as possible, moving as a group pounce on any attempt to capture a point, as you gain money and level gradually proceed to take out the base points and so on. This tactic is perfect for heroes like Merino and Very Mary Bell

Tactic Two: Full Coverage, pair up for the mineral points and solo the middle, effictively covering everything quickly, the player in the middle levels incredibly fast making for a quick ultimate while hopefully getting gold from the allies taking mineral points. This tactic is perfect for heroes like Minity Grey and Randy Rozz.

This map is NOT recommended for heroes like Stella and Atin, this map has very little neutralling potential and you will get beat down by Very Mary Bell and Laair Hathy.