One of the two original Factions in Land of Chaos Online the nature faction is usually displayed on the left of the in game lobby and is associated with the colour green.


Force of Nature Shield

Buildings appear to have leafy/naturey symbolism.


A long peace After the war on Earth - the so-called surface of the material world - have been hundreds of years. Of course, the clashes between people and other tribes sometimes occurred, but Alzamut, the oldest of the god-like creatures on Earth, did not mention such minor squabbles wars. He remembered the wars that were much meaner, bigger and longer than the present. The last war, which has remained in his memory, a ferocious fire swept through the world several centuries ago. Nobody knows what was the first spark of the war - human stupidity or divine whim. First, even a small fire burned forest Chaos Singing drained the lake and razed to the ground Wuthering Heights. In the struggle with the madness of the nature Alzamutu and his four children had to fight with the inhabitants of the world. Only a hundred years later, life could be reborn, and civilization has returned to the ruined city. And Alzamut, the only eternal, is finally able to just sit and watch. When peace reigns on earth, Alzamut deep sleep. He felt that the hour is near when his dream will become permanent. Just as his father, he goes deep into the soil, and from his body were born the seeds of new life. Knell Alzamuta sleepy. Usual pecking his nose, he thought that this time he was not destined to wake up, and was dug in the ground. But he is profoundly mistaken. Something dark and evil stretches from the bowels of the earth, and touched him. Rousing himself, he fixed all his feelings toward the strange touch, looking for the source of black power. The flow of dark energy was weak, but was continuous. He confidently made ??his way to the surface. Alzamutu came to mind only one word: Purgatory. A thin stalk of dark energy has its roots deep down there, which was dominated by an indescribable evil and terror, and dragged to the ground. Alzamut quickly opened his eyes. Only one explanation he could give the appearance of dark energy: the army of Chaos tried to get out.


Pebble Spirit Pebble Spirit

Fairy Dragon (2) Fairy Dragon

Fb Fairy Bee

Ent's Spores (4) Ent Spores

Spirit of Ancient Tree

Spirit of Ancient Tree

Silvermoon Beast (2) Silvermoon Beast

Field Watchman Field Watchman

GreenPriest Forest Strider /Green Priest

Greenpriest Green Priest ( The Forest Strider is named Green Priest only on Novice Map)

Treeguardian Tree Guardian