Forest of Chaos is a 5vs5 map with 3 lanes and various NPC-spawns at each base and around the lanes.Mineral Points are found at the
north and south ends of the map. In the centre of the map is a crystal that you can donate MP to, when the gauge fills a timer will start, when the timer expires the entire enemy team will be struck by lightning taking 500 damage and getting stunned for a few seconds. Your first targets are the Towers, your 2nd targets are the Battle Commanders, your 3rd targets are the Guardians and/or Base Points, your 4th targets are structures, your 5th target is the HQ and your final target is the Commander.


  • Tactic One: Rapid push, try to take out the towers as fast as possible and maintain control over the mineral points, aiming to end the match as quickly as possible before heroes like Foxlady and Stella can reach high levels and dominate.
  • Tactic Two: Neutral and Skirmish, have half the team keep mineral points and hunt down enemy players, the other half kills neutrals, aiming to level fast to dominate the game early on, this tactic fits characters like Stella perfectly.

New Features of LOCO EvolutionEdit

1. 4 Enemy towers on one lane!! In old LOCO there was only 1 tower on a lane , but each team got 4 towers on one lane :

2.New Creeps ! In Place of the Death Flower the Forest of Nature got the Fairy Bee