Laair Hathy :

As you know Laair Hathy It's kinda good damage and low hp.

I call it support Damage Dealer.

Skills for pvp: 1. Hungry Ghost 2. Burnt Ghost 3. Dum Dum Ghost 4. Devotional Ghost 5. Share the Pain

I use this set, and it seems good. Like 10-20 Kills in 1 game, even w/o death.

For 1v1 Use Hungry Ghost at begin and afterthat cast Dum Dum. This skills are

very important, your target can't cast skills and his hp going down.

Then cast Burn Ghost (this skill need your accuracy and u have to know how far balls go)

Allways use Devotation Ghost before any kind of fight. Devotationg Ghost makes you

a TANK for a while. Allways be on the run, never stand in 1 possition, run around or somehing

like this.

For mass pvp's i use Share the Pain, best skill ever! try to use it when enemies mobs are near by, more enemy, more damage for them, and also this skill is area of effect before it put Burn Ghost in center direction of enemies (my record 5 kill at once =] ) Put the Hungry Ghost on high HP chars, and dum dum on DD try to be on immunity skill potion every time you pvp.


Armors and Wep try go on C grade
Armors + def

Wep + Int or M atk.

Items in game battle: +15 speed, (most important, this char gotta run all the time)

Def items at most and INT